My All Time Top 10 Women of Wrestling

Inspired by another homework assignment from the Boot 2 The Face Podcast, we went from our own Top 10 Wrestlers of All Time, to our own Top 10 Women of All Time.

This list was a little tough, because the the timeline for women in wrestling has evolved so much, each era gets better and better. When I first started watching wrestling in the 1980’s, any woman that appeared on a wrestling program was in the form of a valet. Woman wrestlers were few and far between, unless they were on G.L.O.W. Than the 90’s came, and we got the T and A era, where you were either in Playboy, or you were involved in the type of matches that showed “Puppies”.

But than the 2000’s came along, and woman’s wrestling got a little more aggressive. It was more than slaps and awkward dropkicks, and from this, the Diva’s division was born. But thanks to a mix of Diva’s, NXT and some really great woman, the Woman’s Evolution of wrestling is upon us, and woman are putting on better programs than the men. For me personally, if it wasn’t for the woman right now, I would have a hard time turning on WWE right now.

So onward we go. With the last four “eras” in mind, here are my top 10 women I’ve enjoyed in wrestling.

10 – Lilian Garcia – Lilian will always be in my Top 10, thanks to her incredible rendition of the National Anthem, which she sang on Smackdown right after the events of 9/11. WWF was one of the first entertainment companies to broadcast their programming again, and Lilian brought the house down when she let the world know nothing will stop us, and we are moving forward. Take a minute to jump on YouTube and watch Lilian sing.

9 – Stephanie McMahon – The Million Dollar Princess. We’ve all had a boss like her in our working careers, and no matter how she mean could be, we can’t help watching her put down our favorite wrestlers, like a good McMahon would.

8 – AJ Lee – Putting her geek cred aside, she gave the Divas division the little spark it needed. She can wrestle, she can cause trouble, she was good on the mic, and she was a pretty good general manager for her short time in a suit. It’s a shame she had to retire due to injury, because she had the potential to be a legend in the woman’s division.

7 – (tie) Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson – Because of this.


6 – Alexa Bliss – Little Ms. Bliss has the makings of the complete package in the WWE. Her heel character needs a little more work, before she has it all. Wrestling skills are OK, only because she can’t face the bigger opponents for an extended period of time. Her mic skills are almost there for a heel character. Due to her recent concussion, WWE made the right move by keeping her on TV. While I think she has the potential makings of a GM in WWE, I think she might make a better fit on the announce team, kicking off Renee Young.

5 – Charlotte Flair – No matter who Charlotte wrestles, it’s always going to be a great match. Charlotte is one of the main reasons the Woman’s Revolution is as good as it is. Charlotte raises the bar for good wrestling, and her opponents have to step up their game just to compete. Not many female wrestlers get the “This is awesome!” chant as much as Charlotte, and it’s very hard not to disagree.

4 – Becky Lynch – Please, please, please, don’t ever change. Her heel turn was the best thing in wrestling this whole entire year. Always a good wrestler, this new and improved Becky is exactly what we need. From her Twitter trolling, her promos, and her invasion on RAW, this is exactly what make me tune in every week. This is the mark of a great heel, and she makes me want to turn on the TV every week, like Ric Flair used to do in the 80’s.

3 – Tessa Blanchard – Tessa is the Baddest Woman on the Planet. Name another woman who holds 5 different wrestling titles at the same time. Watching her wrestle is a spectacle. She can take any woman on the WWE roster, and doesn’t even need to be signed by them to know it’s true.


2 – Lita – Personally, I believe Lita is the start of the Women’s Revolution, even before the Divas division was a thing. Lita definitely did not belong in the T and A era.  When she came out with Essa Rios, and started doing moves off the top rope, people immediately forgot about Rios. She wasn’t involved in pillow fights or bra and panties matches, and didn’t even get into the swimsuit photo shoots. She was a wrestler first, and always made a presence in the ring. My opinion is that this made her and Trish into the best woman for the early 2000’s, because they complemented each other’s style in the ring, and gave us one great feud we all looked forward too.

1 – Miss Elizabeth – The Queen of Queens. Elizabeth was the first woman in wrestling everybody loved. She is wrestling royalty.


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