If SummerSlam can end like this…..

So after seeing Paul Heyman’s unaired interview clip with Renee Young this morning, caught myself daydreaming at work, and started fantasy booking the Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns match at SummerSlam. I thought of the perfect ending I would absolutely love to see.

Now I haven’t finished my SummerSlam prediction post yet, but you’ll get one of them, and how it works into the match.

So we get the usual fanfare, with Brock Lesnar coming to the ring with Heyman, but this time, we have Roman getting cheered, because the people want to see change.

So the match starts, and we get a German Suplex here and a Superman Punch there, as we get the same type of match we have seen the last few times they have wrestled each other. Than Brock lands an F5 on Roman, Roman kicks out. Brock throws Roman into the ropes, and Roman comes back to spear Brock, and both men are now down.

That’s when the music for Kevin Owens hits, and KO walks out with his newly won Money in the Bank briefcase. Paul Heyman stands in the middle of the aisle, to prevent Owens from trying to cash in.

As Owens and Heyman scuffle in the aisle, the music for Bobby Lashley plays, and he comes out to hold back Owens, and tells KO that this is the match of the night, and there will be a winner. Roman is a tough competitor, and his friend, and KO will not ruin this night for his friend.

So Heyman is now on one side of the ring, KO on the opposite side of Bob, and the attention goes back to the ring. Roman and Brock continue their brawl, and the music for Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre hits, and they come down to the ring as well. Now Heyman tries to stop them in the aisle, while Drew yells at Heyman, that no matter who wins, he wants the next title shot.

So there’s a scuffle outside of the ring, and Roman goes to tell the referee to have them all leave. As Roman talks to ref, Brock grabs him for another suplex. And than another. And than another. As Brock grabs Roman, he sets him up for another F5. Heyman screams in excitement, and screams “Let’s finish this once and for all!”

Before Brock can swing the F5 into action, all four wrestlers on the outside race in, as Drew and Bob beat down Lesnar, Dolph and KO beat down Reigns. Heyman is racing on the outside of the ring, telling them to stop, as his client doesn’t deserve this. Paul slowly makes his way into the ring, to plead for the beatdown to stop. Drew and Bob stop, and Paul asks Brock if he’s OK. Brock is clearly shaken up, and Paul says that Brock doesn’t deserve this. He looks at Drew and Bob, smiles at both of them, and tells them to hold Brock up. “You didn’t deserve this Brock! THIS is what you deserve!” as Paul slaps Brock across the face and screams at Drew and Bob to finish Brock Lesnar. Another beatdown ensues.

He walks over to KO, Drew and Reigns, and tells KO and Drew to finish Roman. That beatdown ensues, and they throw Roman out of the ring.

Paul grabs a microphone, and tells the referee to get back in the ring. He then instructs Drew and Bob to lay Brock Lesnar in the middle of the ring. Than Paul looks at KO and asks, “Where’s you briefcase?” KO gives the briefcase to the ref, lands on top of Brock, and the referee counts to three, making Kevin Owens a two time Universal Champion.

The four wrestlers stand in a row behind Paul Heyman. Paul grabs the microphone, and in typical Heyman fashion, “Ladies and gentlemen……my name…..is Paul Heyman….and tonight……you have just been introduced……to the Dangerous Alliance!!!!!”

Camera pans on Paul Heyman, as he laughs and holds up the arm of Kevin Owens as the SummerSlam credit roles and we fade to black,




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