Survivor Series 2018, how about WWE vs. NXT?

In another attempt to do some fantasy booking, this comes from a Twitter exchange I had between myself and the boys at the Talkamania podcast (Twitter @_talkamania). They were doing a Q&A episode for us listeners, and asked us to submit questions. So in letting my mind wander, and being in fantasy booking mode, my question was as follows,

“I’m basing this question on the this weekends shows*, but thoughts on an NXT invastion against the Main Roster (after Summerslam) and have an NXT vs. RAW/Smackdown Survivor Series?”

*Money In The Bank weekend here in Chicago

Than added, “Who would be in your 5 vs. 5 in the main event?”

One point in answering the question on the Ten Count: June Edition episode, it got the wheels turning for the boys at Talkamania, but the Invasion angle idea got a slight no, because Invasion angles tend to get overplayed and overused by WWE. While I totally agree, NXT is so hot right now, that if NXT people came over to the RAW or Smackdown shows after Summerslam, and got denied invites to the man roster, the WWE Universe would lose their minds.

So if Tommaso Ciampa or Ricochet came to RAW the night after Summerslam, the crowd would pop, thinking they came up to the Main Roster. While Kurt Angle likes the idea of having them on RAW and is about to shake their hands in agreement to get a call up, Constable Corbin hurries in and says “No deal”. Crowd lets us know they are not pleased as Ciampa and Ricochet leave in disgust


So the next night on Smackdown, Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream show up, and the fans are on the edge of their seats. As Paige is debating about signing them, but has that smile on her face that she’s about to say yes, NXT GM William Regal comes out to persuade Paige to do the right thing and sign them. Then the music of Shane McMahon hits, and he comes to the ring to tell Regal, like an any superstar in the WWE, they have to earn a spot. Regal looks at Shane, tells him Black and Dream are overqualified for the Smackdown roster, and have to earn nothing. So the NXT crew starts to walk out of the ring, and Regal says “One more thing…”, and than Aleister Black gives Shane McMahon a kick to the head.

After the Hell in the Cell PPV, random NXT stars starting sitting in the stands, causing distractions in the matchs.  Paige and Angle then make a truce at the Super Show Down PPV in Australia, saying they can’t have NXT guys showing up on their shows, causing Mayhem. We need to stop this.

So after the Australia PPV, into the TLC PPV, Raw and Smackdown stars are showing up on NXT. Regal isn’t pleased by this, and tells the NXT guys, it’s time to show them who the better talent is.

So the night of the TLC PPV, we get the the main event, NXT roster storms the ring, and the Invasion angle begins. Regal comes out from the back, stands over the fallen RAW and/or Smackdown wrestlers, and says NXT is coming to take over.

Which bring us back around to the beginning. Let’s do a WWE vs. NXT Survivor Series. After thinking about this a little more, while I think we know the outcome that WWE would probably prevail, I think a great stipulation for a match like this, is if the NXT team wins, anyone remaining on the surviving team will earn a contract to the main roster.

So, who do you put in the main event in your 5 vs. 5? If NXT prevails, let’s say 2 members survive, who’s getting the call up?









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