Let’s do some fantasy booking, and have Roman Reigns make that heel turn.

So earlier this month, I was listening to Episode 11 of the Chris Rucker Show (podcast found on iTunes and Podbean, go subscribe), with Chris and his buddy Vince, having a discussion on what should happen with Roman Reigns. Leave him on his current course, or turn him heel? After sitting in traffic, and letting my imagination start fantasy booking this outcome, I came to the conclusion we should turn Roman heel.

Of course, Roman is already getting booed during his promos and his matches, what more can we really do? Here’s what I would like to see.

We start this with a loss at Extreme Rules. Roman doesn’t win the multi-man match, and we see an angry outburst in the ring to end the show, with Michael Cole screaming at the top of lungs, right before they fade to black.

Now we have to tune into RAW, to see what’s next for Roman. So RAW starts out as it usually does, with Kurt Angle in the ring, and he wants to bring out the winner of the multi-man match, to congratulate him for his title match at SummerSlam. So out comes the winner (pick who you want), and “he” stands in the ring with Kurt, and ready to do his promo against Brock Lesnar. But before two words are spoken, the music of Roman Reigns fills the arena, along with is mandatory boos from the crowd.

Roman gets in the ring, and tells Kurt that he should be in the title match in SummerSlam, because he is the most deserving, despite losing the night before. Kurt denies his request, saying he failed at his given opportunities, and it’s time for someone else to get their shot, and that’s the winner of last night’s event. Roman gets in Kurt’s face, and says that’s a bad idea. As Kurt is about to tell Roman to back off, Roman says, “In order to get things around here, maybe I should punk your ass like Ronda Rousey did, as it looks like she got the match she wants against Alexa Bliss.” Kurt reminds Roman that Ronda was suspended for 30 days for her outburst, and not to make him hand down another suspension, right before SummerSlam. So Roman nods his head in approval, looks at the crowd, and than beats the living hell out of Kurt Angle. This goes on for a few minutes, before an army of referees pull Roman back, and Kurt is left in the middle of the ring, unconscious, and Roman is booed out of the arena.

We jump ahead to later in the night, and Kurt is in the back, on his cel phone, telling Stephanie McMahon, he’s making “The Announcement” tonight. We reach the end of the night, and Kurt is back in the middle of the ring. He came back out tonight, to make his announcement about what happened earlier in the show. Roman’s music hits again, and we now have Roman and Kurt back in the middle of the ring. Kurt explains that what Roman did was disrespectful, and he won’t have this bullying mentality here on RAW. So Roman asks how long he’s suspended for. Kurt tells him he’s not going to suspend him. So Roman asks if he has his title match at SummerSlam. Kurt says Roman has no match at SummerSlam, simply because, you’re fired. Kurt drops the mic, leaves the ring, and Roman watches him walk away, as this episode of RAW comes to an end.

Next night on Smackdown, show starts with breaking news about Roman Reigns getting fired, with footage of his attack on Kurt Angle. We break to a live shot, and Paige is in the center of the ring, with a crooked smile on her face, saying she’s glad she didn’t have to make that announcement. So she’s about to tell everyone about some exciting news, when all of a sudden, from over the loud speaker, “Ladies and gentlemen…..my name is Paul Heyman…and I had to come here tonight….with message from my client….BROOOOCK LESSSNER!!!” Paul gets into the middle of the ring, nods to Paige, saying “We have a deal, right?”. Paige nods in agreement. Corey Graves asking the question to the home audience “Anyone know what this deal is?”

Camera is back on Heyman, who smiles at the camera, and says, “Roman, since Brock Lesnar and I won’t see you on RAW anymore (laughs), my client wanted me to come to the B show, and give you a message, from the both of us. Simply put, we wish you success in all your future endeavors.”

Paul Heyman, takes a deep breath, turns to Paige, and pulls a piece of paper out of his suit jacket. Paul tells Paige, “So about that deal….” and then the music of Roman Reigns fills the arena, to a loud collection of boos. Roman doesn’t look at the fans, and comes to the ring, straight towards Paul Heyman, and stares right through him, saying “Brock is lucky Kurt Angle saved his ass.”. Heyman laughs. “Good sir, what’s done is done. You and Brock Lesnar won’t be seeing each other any more, so it’s time for you to move on.” Roman justs looks down in disgust, shakes his head and makes his way out of the ring. Before Roman gets though the ropes, Paul Heyman raises the microphone, and says “However…….”. Roman slowly turns back into the ring “…I have a little something for you, that may peak your interest.” Roman sneers. Paul smiles, raises the mic again, and smiles at Paige, “Seeing as you no longer are part of the RAW roster, I have a job opportunity for you. In my hand, I hold a piece of paper, that will benefit your future. This is a contract, to become a member of the Smackdown roster.” Roman perks up. “But there is one slight catch. You, Roman Reigns, would have to become a client of Paul Heyman. You, Roman Reigns, would have to become….a Heyman guy. You, Roman Reigns, would have to become, every……thing……you…….hate.” Roman stands in the ring, shaking his head no. Paul moves closer to Roman, “You might even get a match…..at SummerSlam.” Paul than raises his hands, and whispers something in Roman’s ear. Roman looks at Heyman in shock and asks him if he’s serious. Paul smiles, shrugs his shoulders, and extends his hand in friendship.

Roman is looking out into the crowd, some chanting his name, but the boos are getting louder and a NO chant begins. Roman gets on the mic, and simply states, “If you can’t beat him, join em.” and reaches out to shake Paul’s hand. (Crowd loses their damn mind.) Both smile at each other, and Paul says, “Let me get you a pen.” Paul hands the pen and contract to Roman, and Roman becomes an official part of the Smackdown roster, while the whole arena keeps booing Roman. Paul grabs the contract, walks over to Paige, and says “I did my part of the deal, now it’s your turn.”

Now Paige grabs the mic, head hung low, and takes a deep breath. “Sometimes in life, you try to make the best business decisions. I wanted the opportunity to give people a second chance, like Shane did when I retired. When I heard Roman was fired from RAW, I wanted the opportunity to bring him here. But I couldn’t reach him. No one could. Then I received a call from Paul, saying he could get him here to Smackdown, but it comes with a price. I agreed, because it was a pipe dream, and didn’t think Roman would come tonight. But he did, and now he’s a part of Smackdown, for which I am grateful. So to fulfill my part of the deal, at SummerSlam, Roman Reigns will face AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight title.” Crowd boooos and chants “You Suck” towards the ring.

Take a guess what happens at SummerSlam…..




One thought on “Let’s do some fantasy booking, and have Roman Reigns make that heel turn.

  1. Nice read, buddy. I love the firing and going to smackdown idea. Especially since he will prob be moved there for the billion dollar deal.

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