Time to end the Brock Lesnar era?

As a wrestling fan, this may not be the most popular thing to admit, but I have never been a Brock Lesnar fan. Brock truly is the baddest dude on the planet and a force to be be reckoned with, but part time champions don’t make wrestling exciting for me.

I think I’ve been spoiled by the Ric Flair days, when he was NWA Champion in the 80’s. Flair was out on TV every week, either with an interview or a 5 minute match against a Mulkey brother, making a name for himself. Granted, Brock doesn’t need to be doing interviews, but he should be doing exactly what Braun Strowman is doing now. Coming out every week and destroying people. That’s what makes watching wrestling a good time. Someone who can come every week and destroy people, by microphone or brute strength. This could be Brock. This should be Brock. But he doesn’t want that.

While I feel most of Brock’s match are 3 minute time limit matches, he has been bringing it since Summerslam. His matches are a little longer, he comes up with an extra move, and has been taking some bumps as well. Watching him fight against Braun Strowman have been some of the best matches I’ve seen from Brock, and was hoping it would lead into a Wrestlemania showdown.

But than Wrestlemania season begins, and Brock has a 10 minute match at Royal Rumble, which was fantastic, but than is nowhere to be found.


Since the Elimination Chamber was going to determine his Wrestlemania opponent, a face off with the winner would have made a great way to end the night. But same old situation with Brock, not using your talent to fuel the story, especially since he’s the Universal Champion.

While it was kind of disappointing to not see Brock come out on RAW the next night, watching Roman Reigns drop his best promo ever on Lesnar was awesome. So the next week on RAW was definitely going to get this party started, right? Yeah, that didn’t happen either. We get Paul Heyman and the Universal Championship belt. I love Paul Heyman and any promo he drops on the microphone, but another Lesnar no-show during the greatest 3 months of wrestling leading up to the biggest show of the year, that’s just a let down.

Personally, I think it’s time to let the Brock Lesnar era come to an end. I would like to see the Universal Championship belt at least once a week. At this point, I don’t care if it’s Reigns, Strowman or Heath Slater. I want to see someone who is worthy to be champion, and come out every week and make that title mean something again. I thank Brock Lesnar for taking people to Suplex City and letting Goldberg have the title for 2 minutes, but it’s time for something new. If it wasn’t for the Women’s Division, wrestling would have been pretty boring during the Brock Lesnar title reign. Time for the next big thing to step forward.


4/20 is now known as Simply Ravishing Day

What I’d like to have right now, is for all us of fat, out of shape, wrestling fans, is to keep the noise down, while we celebrate the life of one Ravishing Rick Rude.

I’ve been a Rick Rude fan, ever since I first saw him in WCCW, when he was managed by Percy Pringle III, and came out to Sade’s “Smooth Operator” for his entrance music. He was arrogant, but he kicked ass, and beat up the Von Erich’s. I didn’t mind the Von Erich’s, but whoever was a hell against them, they stepped it up a notch. They had heat with the Fabulous Freebirds, Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez, and eventually, Rick Rude.


Rude did make a brief stop in the NWA, where he was still a badass, but I personally didn’t see him clicking with Manny Fernandez, even though they won the tag team titles.

I think my fandom hit an all time high when he showed up in the WWF, being introduced as part of the Heenan Family. He had great feuds with Jake Roberts and the Ultimate Warrior, making him one awesome heel.

After listening to the podcast Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, they did an episode on Rick Rude, with his induction this year into the WWE Hall of Fame. Lots of great stories, and the prank Jake Roberts played on him was cruel, but at the same time, pretty funny.

One of the things that came up on the podcast, was his untimely death on April 20th, 1999. An idea popped in my head, as I don’t hang out with Mary Jane on 4/20, is that us wrestling fans can use this as a day of remembrance and celebration of Ravishing Rick Rude.

So to honor The Ravishing One, go watch some You Tube videos for Rick Rude, watch some matches on the WWE Network, take off your robes and show the ladies what a real sexy man looks like, swivel your hips and/or fling your sweat at the ladies. Definitely download the Rick Rude episode on Something to Wrestle.

Let’s make 4/20 Simply Ravishing Day





Happy Ric Flair Day

Happy Ric Flair Day to all, and I say this not only for his birthday on February 25th, but for being the wrestler that made me watch many hours of wrestling over the last 30 years.

It all started in back in the early 80’s, when my friend Mike, (who will be referred to from this point on as Tubby) got interested in wrestling and this little known team from Chicago who went by the name of The Road Warriors. So I tried to watch AWA wrestling, but it didn’t do anything to peak my interest.  I stuck with it, because after Saturday morning cartoons, another group of wrestlers showed up on my television, representing the WWF. Gave them a try, and it was a little better.  Still didn’t get it, but stuck with it, because it was something Tubby and I could talk about.

Than another federation of wrestlers came, representing the NWA.  How many different federations were there? So I watched this one, and something clicked. Out came a guy with long bleached blond hair, suit, sunglasses, and a set of skills on the microphone that had me hooked. Here was Ric Flair, talking smack about being the champion, and he was going to beat anyone he wrestled, and go home with all the ladies. I found my reason to tune in every week. Tubby had the Road Warriors, I had Ric Flair.

I will admit, I’m not the biggest wrestling fan. There was a time when I stopped watching wrestling, which was much of the 1990’s, which I refer to as the Doink the Clown era. Things got a little silly, and couldn’t watch an hour of programming at this point. There was no internet at this point, so keeping up with wrestling, without magazines like Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Inside Wrestling, things I knew were either what people mentioned, or news stories like the WWF steroid trial and wrestling was predetermined. Than all of a sudden, wrestling was moving to cable. At that point, I got too cool for wrestling, and stopped watching. I left Ric Flair hanging.

By the late 90’s, I was left in the dust. People were wearing WWF DX shirts, or WCW n.W.o shirts, and everyone was crotch chopping each other.  No clue what was going on here, I just observed. Until the day I found myself working for a cable company, and the strangest thing happen. I’m flipping through the channels, and come across WCW Nitro. First thing I see in the ring was a guy, short bleached blond hair, talking smack and then elbow dropping his suit jacket.  I was again hooked in by Ric Flair.

Then came the day I was going to finally meet Ric Flair. He was doing an autograph signing at Tower Records in Schaumburg, IL. I got there early, waited in line, and patiently waited to meet the greatest wrestler of all time. As they let us in the store, people were wooooing and holding up four fingers to symbolize the Four Horseman. So the excitement was building. We turned the corner down the aisle, and there he was. Funny thing, as I’m watching people getting stuff signed, Flair really wasn’t moving. He wasn’t talking to anyone, never lifted his head, and didn’t even take pictures with anyone. Holy hell, Ric was hungover with his tongue sticking out.


The guy I wanted to thank for getting me to watch wrestling, and he didn’t even know I was there. When I got home and people asked what it was like to meet the Nature Boy, I only said two things,


  1. I definitely met Ric Flair this weekend. Not the kiss stealin’, wheelin’ and dealin’ one, but the high flyin’, 8-ball ridin’ one.
  2. If there was no security, I could have gave Flair a spinebuster through the table, and become WCW World Heavyweight Champion. He wouldn’t have felt it, and he wouldn’t have kicked out either. Missed opportunity.


After WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon, I expected him to ride off in the sunset, and never be heard from again. Than one night in Charlotte, North Carolina, right before Vince was going to strip Steve Austin of his title and award it to Kurt Angle, the music hit, and out came Ric, who was part owner of the WWE. What a pop for Flair. The crowd went nuts, I totally marked out, and my wife thought I was crazy. He stuck around for some time, and then the super kick by Shawn Michaels and the long retirement send off the next night, I watched it all, with a tear in my eye. The end was here.

But as Ric Flair once said, he will never retire. And sure enough, he came back, in the form of a podcast. Another admission, I wasn’t going to give this a chance. I was afraid it was going to be an hour long wooooooo fest. But it was Ric Flair, I had to listen. This was fantastic. All the behind the scenes stuff, the insight, how things were done and handled, all great stories. Also, this was all done with the perfect co-host in Conrad Thompson, who is a super fan of the sport, and great line of questioning for the guests. Not bad mortgage guy!

So as I come to a conclusion on Ric Flair, just a thank you for keeping me entertained all these years, as I watched you scream Tony Schiavone’s name before interviews, have epic battles with Dusty Rhodes and Sting, and gave us a behind the scenes look of the wrestling world, as it once was.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have a Ric Flair DVD set I need to go watch and elbow drop the packaging. Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!