Anticipated WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Results

I’m just going to come out and say this, my predictions for Hell in a Cell might be slightly off course, simply because All In ruined me. All In was so good, that I tried watching WWE RAW on Labor Day, and I didn’t even feel that same electricity for the show, like I did sitting in the Sears Centre for All In, that I actually shut RAW off. Now realizing as I write this, I haven’t watched any WWE programming for the last 2 weeks.

Lucky for me, instead of catching up and watching 10 hours of wrestling, I just put on my headphones, fired up some podcasts, and got my recaps from The Chris Rucker Show, Smark to Death, and The ADC’s of Wrestling. Based on the enthusiasm from all the shows, I got the feeling I didn’t miss much. So I laughed, I cried, I caught up in three hours, and now, here’s what I want to see this Sunday.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse

What I would like to happen: This feud is still hot, and can probably keep going for another PPV or two. While I don’t want The Miz and Maryse to lose, the best way to keep this going is to have Brie pin Maryse.  When we see The Miz again on Smackdown, Miz gets fired up because while his team lost, HE didn’t lose, because HE didn’t get pinned, and Bryan is the coward, because his wife had to do the in ring work for him. Miz is pissed, Bryan is pissed, and the chaos keeps going.

What will most likely happen: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella for the win, because Miz won last time, and we want this to keep going.

Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

What I would like to happen: This is where All In ruined me. I have zero interest in this match. I know what Jeff Hardy used to bring, and this story line isn’t exciting for me, because Jeff will try to shine, and completely fail. This match could be in the Tokyo Dome, and it still wouldn’t generate a star for me.

What will most likely happen: Randy Orton is going to beat the snot out of Jeff Hardy, that the win doesn’t even matter.

The New Day vs. Rusev Day

What I would like to happen: “Rusev needs a belt! Rusev’s number one! Rusev needs a belt! Rusev’s number one!” It’s time to put Rusev Day over. Everyone wants Aiden English to turn on Rusev, I want them to get the belts and start dominating the same boring tag teams we see over and over.

What will most likely happen: All signs point to New Day retaining.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

What I would like to happen: This might be the match of the night, and I have too many outcomes to choose from. I want Dolph and Drew to win, because Drew deserves a championship. I don’t really care that Ambrose doesn’t have a belt, because he’s so over, it doesn’t matter. But I don’t care who wins or loses this match (but leaning towards Drew), this has potential to be match of the year

What will most likely happen: The Shield will be victorious, after Dolph goes to superkick Ambrose, and hits McIntyre instead, and then the fans get that turn they wanted from Aiden English, but instead it’s Drew that turns on Dolph.

Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

What I would like to happen: Becky needs to make Charlotte her bitch. If Becky loses, she doesn’t get another title shot without some sort of justification. I want Becky to win the title, but not at Hell in a Cell. I think there is more prestige if she wins the belt at Evolution, and that becomes the most talked about match from that PPV.

What will most likely happen: Charlotte is going to win, Becky will beat her down after the match, crowd pops the roof of the event. Rematch inevitable.




Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey

What I would like to happen: I like both of these women. I hate squash matches. Before this becomes another squash match, we need a swerve. We know Alexa isn’t getting the belt, so let’s make this the match that starts the Evolution talk. Mickie James and Alicia Fox come down to the ring. Than Natalia and Trish come down. As a brawl starts, the Bella’s try coming down, until the music for Nia Jax hits. Not knowing who’s side Nia is on, she beats down all the women, and demands a three way match at Evolution with Nikka Bella and Ronda Rousey, because she never got her rematch.

What will most likely happen: Squash match part 2, Ronda destroys Alexa.

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

What I would like to happen: Just want to see an all out brawl. Love AJ, but we need a title change here. This build for this feud has been great, and AJ needs to get that fire back with a loss. Who doesn’t want to see Joe holding a belt, and talking shit on the mic?

What will most likely happen: I keep wanting to see AJ lose the belt, and every time I do that, he wins. Expect a hard fought win from AJ.

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

What I would like to happen: I want to see a fight between these two. I want to see that same intensity when they feuded earlier and got ambulances turned over, and trucks flying all over the place. Don’t even care about the outcome, Give us a “Holy Shit!” moment.

What will most likely happen: This match has so much potential, I see WWE dropping the ball on this one. Main reason, Mick Foley is the ref. I’ll expect him to take a bump from trying to make a three count, before getting thrown out of the ring by Strowman. I expect Corbin to come out, holding the briefcase, to try and cash it in for himself. Before he can make a pin, Kurt Angle returns and before he can say Corbin isn’t eligible, Roman goes for the pin on Corbin, and Foley makes the three count. Strowman pretty much gets punked and gets nothing.


The Fortnite journey begins….

I know I am literally late to the game, but I finally decided that I’m going to pick up the PlayStation 4 controller and give Fortnite the old gamers try. Don’t expect to much from me, because I did try my first round a few nights ago, and had no idea on how to pick up a weapon, or how to use it. I’m going to be in for some long nights.

One of the things that intrigued me about the game, is the open gameplay against 99 other people, trying to be the last player standing. Definitely a long way from the SOCOM nights I had with my buddy Mike, where you worked as team, to take out the other team. I think the most we had was 5 vs. 5 gameplay, on a small little map. Fortnite definitely makes SOCOM look like a kids game, so time to learn the island

Another thing that got my interest for this game, was being able to play as Thanos when you found the Infinity Gauntlet. If I can play as a Marvel Super Hero, I definitely have an interest in this game. Until I found out it was a temporary add on to the game, and I lost my chance.


But than Major League Baseball got involved with the game. There was a video of the Milwaukee Brewers playing Fortnite on the center field scoreboard. Who wouldn’t want to play Fortnite, or any other game, off an MLB scoreboard? Than David Price of the Boston Red Sox was playing the game. So if it’s cool that the Red Sox are playing the game, than I want to do cool stuff too. Until David got a bout of the carpal tunnel on his pitching hand, and started to pitch like shit. Luckily, the Red Sox took away the game, and Price has been pitching like a champ ever since. But a message to David Price, if he ever gets to read this, after the Red Sox win the World Series, and give you Fortnite back, I want to party with you and play Fortnite. Going to start practicing now.

So before I jumped into the game, I have been taking the time to watch people on Twitch play this game. There’s a lot strategies to apply, lots of communication to your teammates, and a whole lot of luck. But out of everyone that I have watched, one of the coolest gamers out there is bluewalker2023. He’s playing Fortnite the way it should be played, play to win while having a good time. He’s not throwing hate at people when he loses. Just brushes it off and plays another round. Than he allows other people to join his squad. Plays as all games should be played. Sit back and have fun. If you happen to be on Twitch, drop that man a follow.

Which now leads to me the dark side of Fortnite, which I have dubbed the digital version of crack. Like most online games, there are sore losers and name calling. The name calling isn’t recommended, but we all have to be tough and brush it off. What gets me now, are the stories with the youngsters and this game. Granted it’s a cool game to play with your friends, but parents are getting some angry kids when you take the game away. It starts with kids who are ignoring their responsibilities, staying up into the long hours of the night, and than can’t get up for school or concentrate while in class. So you do the right thing, and take out the reason that’s causing all this. One parent took the game away from a kid, and the kid started to hit the mother. It’s like we have little crack addicts running around, and the kids will do what they need to do to get their next hit. This scares me a little, because this becomes a case of politicians using video games as a reason for violence, which is a story for another day. But please, set up some rules for your kids. Digital crack is bad, mm’kay.

Witnessed another instance last week, where I went to Gamestop in search of a Funko Pop. A woman walks in, and says she needs $100 of the Fortnite money for her 12 year old son. I laughed under my breath, until she said she just spend $300 last week for Fortnite for her son. That’s when I stopped laughing and just looked at her. Guy behind the counter said “Wow, that’s a lot.” The jaw dropped when she said she already spent over $1,000 on Fortnite stuff overall, and almost seemed like she was proud of it, like she was being a good mom. But that’s not the end. She said her son was mad, because he was playing Fortnite on his PS4, and all his friends had an X-Box One. “How much does an X-Box One cost?” I almost became that Tracy Morgan meme, where he’s constantly shaking his said saying Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. The guy behind the counter did the right thing and told the lady that he can sell her an X-Box, but he would have to create a new Fortnite account, because the systems won’t allow you to play cross platform, and everything he has now, won’t transfer over to the new account, so he would be starting off new. She did thing about it for a minute, and thankfully did not buy it. I lost a little faith in humanity, and certainly glad she didn’t make that purchase.

But that all leads me back to another reason to want to try Fortnite, and for what looks to be the future of gaming, cross platforming of video game titles. How great would it be to get a game like Fortnite, or Madden, or an adventure game like Diablo or Final Fantasy, and not have to worry what system to get it for? I have friends who play games we both like, but we have it for different systems. I would love to play Fortnite on my PS4, along with my friend who has an X-Box One, while we go and shoot the guy that has the Nintendo Switch. To me, this brings the gaming community closer. Might as well start with the game that can do that now, Fortnite. Currently sucks that the PS4 doesn’t cross platform with any other system, but that gives me enough time to practice while Sony gets their shit together.

But as I said, time to start with the Fortnite madness and let the fun begin. If you see me on the island, have mercy on my soul.



Anticipated WWE SummerSlam 2018 Results

It’s time for one of the top 4 PPV’s of the year with SummerSlam, and I’ll continue the trend of my Extreme Rules post, with what I would like to see happen and what will most likely happen, for each match. This will be a little tougher, as we saw some of the same matches at Extreme Rules. But let’s agree, disagree, and pop open a few Coke Zero’s while we guess what will happen on Sunday.

The B-Team vs. The Revival 

What I would like to happen: I would like if the tag team titles were not defended on the pre-show. This doesn’t give the title any credibility, and it’s like the WWE doesn’t even care. I would also like to see the Revival get the push they deserve. They should be given the straps, and be the team that helps rebuild the tag team division.

What will most likely happen: WWE isn’t giving the B-Team, The Revival or the tag team titles any type of push or credibility, so the B-Team retains, to give The Universe what it wants.

Rusev and Lana vs. Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega

What I would like to happen: Since Rusev went from a title match to the pre-show, just bury him softly, but give us a Happy Rusev Day

What will most likely happen: Aiden English will come to the ring, take a swing at Almas, but Almas will move, and Lana gets knocked in the face. Vega pins Lana.


Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak

What I would like to happen: I would like for an angry Rusev to come out and beat them both down, since Rusev got downgraded to pre-show, as neither Rusev or I have no interest in this match

What will most likely happen: Cedric Alexander wins. No hype.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

What I would like to happen: This is my sleeper pick for match of the night. This is the best feud that almost never happened, and the best feud that could keep going after SummerSlam. Best way to keep this feud going? Make this an AWEEEESOOOOME match, let them beat the hell out of each other, and let Miz use the ropes to pin Daniel Bryan,

What will most likely happen: A Lister > B+ Player. Miz for the win.

Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin

What I would like to happen: If Anderson and Gallows don’t come out and beat the snot out of Corbin, and give us a Bullet Club moment, than let’s get this over with, because there’s still 23 matches on the card. Finn Balor for the win.

What will most likely happen: Finn won the last one, Corbin wins this one.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy

What I would like to happen: Same as last month’s prediction, I would like for Nakamura to get the win, because we need more of his heel promos.

What will most likely happen:  Jeff wins by DQ, as Orton comes out and interferes. Nakamura retains, and the Nakamura vs. Orton storyline begins.

Carmella vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

What I would like to happen: I would have liked if Asuka won the title at Extreme Rules, as a three woman match between Asuka, Becky and Charlotte would have been match of the year. I would like for Becky to get her due and get the title.

What will most likely happen: WWE will go full circle and give the title back to Charlotte.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

What I would like to happen: I would like to see Seth Rollins win, just so Drew McIntyre can get a shot at the Intercontinental Title. Drew would be a great heel IC champ, as he’s dropping great promos against Kurt Angle and the Universal Title.

What will most likely happen: This is set up for all 4 wrestlers in the ring, interference on both sides, botched inference, Dolph gets hit by Dean Ambrose, and Seth gets the win. Than set up a Drew vs. Seth story line that people will lose their shit over.

Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens

What I would like to happen: Watching Braun Strowman squash everyone and win everything, why didn’t he just challenge Brock Lesnar to a title match? Whatever direction the WWE is planning to go with Braun, they should have done it already, as he’s starting to bore me. So let’s get ready for KO Mania, and I sincerely hope, he finds a way to win that briefcase.

What will most likely happen: If you get thrown off a ladder, than a steal cage, what better way to pay a guy, than to let him win the briefcase. Gut tells me KO wins the match.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

The Bludgeon Brothers vs. The New Day

What I would like to happen: Quick, simple, easy. I care about this match as much as the WWE cares about any tag team match. This will be my break in the action, as this PPV has gone on for 3 days already. For the podcast ADC’s of Wrestling, and Basement Steve, I would like for The Bludgeon Brothers to win.

What will most likely happen: New Day wins.

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

What I would like to happen: AJ, you’ve been great, but we need Samoa Joe to get that WWE belt around his waist. He’s earned it, as did you, after beating up John Cena. Nothing against long title runs, when you defend it on a regular basis, but we like our heel champions.

What will most likely happen: I wanted Rusev to be the next champion. AJ said no. Guessing he says no here as well. AJ retains, with another win in his title reign.


Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss

What I would like to happen: I would like to see Alexa Bliss not get her ass handed to her by Ronda Rousey. I do want Alexa to win, only because Ronda hasn’t wrestled enough to earn the title shot. I like Ronda, I just don’t want her portrayed as the female Brock Lesnar. But, I expect Ronda to be the new woman’s champ.

What will most likely happen: Ronda Rousey wins, probably in less than 3 minutes.

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

What I would like to happen: If you want my detailed prediction, check out my last post, “If SummerSlam can end like this…..”

For the quick answer, I want Kevin Owens to cash and win the title, to complete his mastery of the night

What will most likely happen: I don’t why, but I think Brock Lesnar retains the title.


This is what I want, what I really, really want….



Feel free to add anything to make this event better for you.


If SummerSlam can end like this…..

So after seeing Paul Heyman’s unaired interview clip with Renee Young this morning, caught myself daydreaming at work, and started fantasy booking the Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns match at SummerSlam. I thought of the perfect ending I would absolutely love to see.

Now I haven’t finished my SummerSlam prediction post yet, but you’ll get one of them, and how it works into the match.

So we get the usual fanfare, with Brock Lesnar coming to the ring with Heyman, but this time, we have Roman getting cheered, because the people want to see change.

So the match starts, and we get a German Suplex here and a Superman Punch there, as we get the same type of match we have seen the last few times they have wrestled each other. Than Brock lands an F5 on Roman, Roman kicks out. Brock throws Roman into the ropes, and Roman comes back to spear Brock, and both men are now down.

That’s when the music for Kevin Owens hits, and KO walks out with his newly won Money in the Bank briefcase. Paul Heyman stands in the middle of the aisle, to prevent Owens from trying to cash in.

As Owens and Heyman scuffle in the aisle, the music for Bobby Lashley plays, and he comes out to hold back Owens, and tells KO that this is the match of the night, and there will be a winner. Roman is a tough competitor, and his friend, and KO will not ruin this night for his friend.

So Heyman is now on one side of the ring, KO on the opposite side of Bob, and the attention goes back to the ring. Roman and Brock continue their brawl, and the music for Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre hits, and they come down to the ring as well. Now Heyman tries to stop them in the aisle, while Drew yells at Heyman, that no matter who wins, he wants the next title shot.

So there’s a scuffle outside of the ring, and Roman goes to tell the referee to have them all leave. As Roman talks to ref, Brock grabs him for another suplex. And than another. And than another. As Brock grabs Roman, he sets him up for another F5. Heyman screams in excitement, and screams “Let’s finish this once and for all!”

Before Brock can swing the F5 into action, all four wrestlers on the outside race in, as Drew and Bob beat down Lesnar, Dolph and KO beat down Reigns. Heyman is racing on the outside of the ring, telling them to stop, as his client doesn’t deserve this. Paul slowly makes his way into the ring, to plead for the beatdown to stop. Drew and Bob stop, and Paul asks Brock if he’s OK. Brock is clearly shaken up, and Paul says that Brock doesn’t deserve this. He looks at Drew and Bob, smiles at both of them, and tells them to hold Brock up. “You didn’t deserve this Brock! THIS is what you deserve!” as Paul slaps Brock across the face and screams at Drew and Bob to finish Brock Lesnar. Another beatdown ensues.

He walks over to KO, Drew and Reigns, and tells KO and Drew to finish Roman. That beatdown ensues, and they throw Roman out of the ring.

Paul grabs a microphone, and tells the referee to get back in the ring. He then instructs Drew and Bob to lay Brock Lesnar in the middle of the ring. Than Paul looks at KO and asks, “Where’s you briefcase?” KO gives the briefcase to the ref, lands on top of Brock, and the referee counts to three, making Kevin Owens a two time Universal Champion.

The four wrestlers stand in a row behind Paul Heyman. Paul grabs the microphone, and in typical Heyman fashion, “Ladies and gentlemen……my name… Paul Heyman….and tonight……you have just been introduced……to the Dangerous Alliance!!!!!”

Camera pans on Paul Heyman, as he laughs and holds up the arm of Kevin Owens as the SummerSlam credit roles and we fade to black,



Anticipated WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Results

So in trying to be clever, I’m trying to avoid using the word predictions, because most times, the writing for each match is on the wall. But I will close my eyes, and post what I would like to see at Extreme Rules, vs. with what will actually happen.

This is short and simple, and just want something different for the brand.


Sin Cara vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

What I would like to happen: That the Network is up and running for Extreme Rules. I have no interest in this match, and probably won’t even watch it.

What will most likely happen: Almas for the win.

The New Day vs. SAnitY

What I would like to happen: I would like to see SAnitY get the win, just because the push needs to start.

What will most likely happen: SAnitY will most likely get the win, because New Day has been pushed to the Kickoff Show. If no one watches the Kickoff Show matches, and New Day loses, did New Day really lose?

Finn Bálor vs. “Constable” Baron Corbin

What I would like to happen: I would like for Corbin to get the win. I like him being rebranded as the Constable, and I just want him to win, so he can annoy Kurt Angle on RAW the next night. Nothing against Balor, but obnoxious Corbin is an entertaining Corbin.

What will most likely happen: Finn Balor gets the win, and keeps smiling like RVD for another month.

“Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt (c) vs. The B-Team

What I would like to happen: I would like to get what everyone else wants, a win for B-Team. I would like to think that the kids of Mike Rotundo and Curt Hennig can win championships, and continue the legacy of each name.

What will most likely happen: Hardy and Wyatt win, because their name looks better on the Summerslam poster than the B-Team, which isn’t entirely true.

Carmella vs. Asuka

What I would like to happen: I’m hoping that James Ellsworth tries to pass something along to Carmella, misses the drop, and it goes to Asuka. Asuka than uses it against Carmella, does a moonwalk next to her, and than wins by pinfall to become the next Womans’s Champion.

What will most likely happen: Asuka for the win, so it can build a great woman’s feud toward Summerslam.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

What I would like to happen: I would like for Ms. Bliss to retain the title. Nothing more. But than I want to see Bliss and Rousey go at it.

What will most likely happen: This match will be decided after constant interference. I see Ronda coming in to help Nia, and as Bliss is about to take a kick to the head from Ronda, Bliss ducks, Nia gets hit and goes down, Bliss than kicks Ronda out of the ring, and scores the pinfall on Nia.


Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

What I would like to happen: I would like for Nakamura to get the win, because we need more of his heel promos.

What will most likely happen: Nakamura finally gets his title run.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

What I would like to happen: Already being predicted as the match of the night, I actually want to see Rollins back the title, only to have an open challenge on RAW the next night, and start a program with Drew McIntyre. THIS would be the feud of the summer.

What will most likely happen: This one is a tough call, but going with Monday Night Rollins with the win. Ziggler makes a good Intercontinental Champion, but don’t see much run left in this, because Drew waits in the shadows.

The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Team Hell No

What I would like to happen: A quick and peaceful beatdown of Daniel Bryan and Mayor Kane.

What will most likely happen: Team Hell No wins, to put titles on them for Summerslam.

Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens

What I would like to happen: I would like for Kevin Owens to win. Whether it takes the help of a new friend or a really sneaky tactic. Owens needs to upset Strowman, because Strowman keeps winning, and it’s not even for a title. Match and result seems predictable, so WWE needs to throw a curveball, and give us the upset of the night.

What will most likely happen: Strowman crushes KO, which won’t be cool.

Roman Reigns vs. Bob

What I would like to happen: An all out brawl between 2 heavyweights, with Bob getting the win. Than having my fantasy booking for a Roman Reigns heel turn, as noted in a previous blog post.

What will most likely happen: Roman gets the win, because he hasn’t won anything in 2018, so WWE throws him a bone and helps boost the confidence.

AJ Styles vs. Rusev

What I would like to happen: I would love a Rusev Day celebration, complete with a title change.

What will most likely happen: AJ isn’t losing anything until Summerslam. Lots of hype for this match, and we will be tuned out after 10 mintues, when Rusev loses all steam and gets a flying forearm to end the match.

Feel free to add anything to make this event better for you.

Survivor Series 2018, how about WWE vs. NXT?

In another attempt to do some fantasy booking, this comes from a Twitter exchange I had between myself and the boys at the Talkamania podcast (Twitter @_talkamania). They were doing a Q&A episode for us listeners, and asked us to submit questions. So in letting my mind wander, and being in fantasy booking mode, my question was as follows,

“I’m basing this question on the this weekends shows*, but thoughts on an NXT invastion against the Main Roster (after Summerslam) and have an NXT vs. RAW/Smackdown Survivor Series?”

*Money In The Bank weekend here in Chicago

Than added, “Who would be in your 5 vs. 5 in the main event?”

One point in answering the question on the Ten Count: June Edition episode, it got the wheels turning for the boys at Talkamania, but the Invasion angle idea got a slight no, because Invasion angles tend to get overplayed and overused by WWE. While I totally agree, NXT is so hot right now, that if NXT people came over to the RAW or Smackdown shows after Summerslam, and got denied invites to the man roster, the WWE Universe would lose their minds.

So if Tommaso Ciampa or Ricochet came to RAW the night after Summerslam, the crowd would pop, thinking they came up to the Main Roster. While Kurt Angle likes the idea of having them on RAW and is about to shake their hands in agreement to get a call up, Constable Corbin hurries in and says “No deal”. Crowd lets us know they are not pleased as Ciampa and Ricochet leave in disgust


So the next night on Smackdown, Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream show up, and the fans are on the edge of their seats. As Paige is debating about signing them, but has that smile on her face that she’s about to say yes, NXT GM William Regal comes out to persuade Paige to do the right thing and sign them. Then the music of Shane McMahon hits, and he comes to the ring to tell Regal, like an any superstar in the WWE, they have to earn a spot. Regal looks at Shane, tells him Black and Dream are overqualified for the Smackdown roster, and have to earn nothing. So the NXT crew starts to walk out of the ring, and Regal says “One more thing…”, and than Aleister Black gives Shane McMahon a kick to the head.

After the Hell in the Cell PPV, random NXT stars starting sitting in the stands, causing distractions in the matchs.  Paige and Angle then make a truce at the Super Show Down PPV in Australia, saying they can’t have NXT guys showing up on their shows, causing Mayhem. We need to stop this.

So after the Australia PPV, into the TLC PPV, Raw and Smackdown stars are showing up on NXT. Regal isn’t pleased by this, and tells the NXT guys, it’s time to show them who the better talent is.

So the night of the TLC PPV, we get the the main event, NXT roster storms the ring, and the Invasion angle begins. Regal comes out from the back, stands over the fallen RAW and/or Smackdown wrestlers, and says NXT is coming to take over.

Which bring us back around to the beginning. Let’s do a WWE vs. NXT Survivor Series. After thinking about this a little more, while I think we know the outcome that WWE would probably prevail, I think a great stipulation for a match like this, is if the NXT team wins, anyone remaining on the surviving team will earn a contract to the main roster.

So, who do you put in the main event in your 5 vs. 5? If NXT prevails, let’s say 2 members survive, who’s getting the call up?








Let’s do some fantasy booking, and have Roman Reigns make that heel turn.

So earlier this month, I was listening to Episode 11 of the Chris Rucker Show (podcast found on iTunes and Podbean, go subscribe), with Chris and his buddy Vince, having a discussion on what should happen with Roman Reigns. Leave him on his current course, or turn him heel? After sitting in traffic, and letting my imagination start fantasy booking this outcome, I came to the conclusion we should turn Roman heel.

Of course, Roman is already getting booed during his promos and his matches, what more can we really do? Here’s what I would like to see.

We start this with a loss at Extreme Rules. Roman doesn’t win the multi-man match, and we see an angry outburst in the ring to end the show, with Michael Cole screaming at the top of lungs, right before they fade to black.

Now we have to tune into RAW, to see what’s next for Roman. So RAW starts out as it usually does, with Kurt Angle in the ring, and he wants to bring out the winner of the multi-man match, to congratulate him for his title match at SummerSlam. So out comes the winner (pick who you want), and “he” stands in the ring with Kurt, and ready to do his promo against Brock Lesnar. But before two words are spoken, the music of Roman Reigns fills the arena, along with is mandatory boos from the crowd.

Roman gets in the ring, and tells Kurt that he should be in the title match in SummerSlam, because he is the most deserving, despite losing the night before. Kurt denies his request, saying he failed at his given opportunities, and it’s time for someone else to get their shot, and that’s the winner of last night’s event. Roman gets in Kurt’s face, and says that’s a bad idea. As Kurt is about to tell Roman to back off, Roman says, “In order to get things around here, maybe I should punk your ass like Ronda Rousey did, as it looks like she got the match she wants against Alexa Bliss.” Kurt reminds Roman that Ronda was suspended for 30 days for her outburst, and not to make him hand down another suspension, right before SummerSlam. So Roman nods his head in approval, looks at the crowd, and than beats the living hell out of Kurt Angle. This goes on for a few minutes, before an army of referees pull Roman back, and Kurt is left in the middle of the ring, unconscious, and Roman is booed out of the arena.

We jump ahead to later in the night, and Kurt is in the back, on his cel phone, telling Stephanie McMahon, he’s making “The Announcement” tonight. We reach the end of the night, and Kurt is back in the middle of the ring. He came back out tonight, to make his announcement about what happened earlier in the show. Roman’s music hits again, and we now have Roman and Kurt back in the middle of the ring. Kurt explains that what Roman did was disrespectful, and he won’t have this bullying mentality here on RAW. So Roman asks how long he’s suspended for. Kurt tells him he’s not going to suspend him. So Roman asks if he has his title match at SummerSlam. Kurt says Roman has no match at SummerSlam, simply because, you’re fired. Kurt drops the mic, leaves the ring, and Roman watches him walk away, as this episode of RAW comes to an end.

Next night on Smackdown, show starts with breaking news about Roman Reigns getting fired, with footage of his attack on Kurt Angle. We break to a live shot, and Paige is in the center of the ring, with a crooked smile on her face, saying she’s glad she didn’t have to make that announcement. So she’s about to tell everyone about some exciting news, when all of a sudden, from over the loud speaker, “Ladies and gentlemen… name is Paul Heyman…and I had to come here tonight….with message from my client….BROOOOCK LESSSNER!!!” Paul gets into the middle of the ring, nods to Paige, saying “We have a deal, right?”. Paige nods in agreement. Corey Graves asking the question to the home audience “Anyone know what this deal is?”

Camera is back on Heyman, who smiles at the camera, and says, “Roman, since Brock Lesnar and I won’t see you on RAW anymore (laughs), my client wanted me to come to the B show, and give you a message, from the both of us. Simply put, we wish you success in all your future endeavors.”

Paul Heyman, takes a deep breath, turns to Paige, and pulls a piece of paper out of his suit jacket. Paul tells Paige, “So about that deal….” and then the music of Roman Reigns fills the arena, to a loud collection of boos. Roman doesn’t look at the fans, and comes to the ring, straight towards Paul Heyman, and stares right through him, saying “Brock is lucky Kurt Angle saved his ass.”. Heyman laughs. “Good sir, what’s done is done. You and Brock Lesnar won’t be seeing each other any more, so it’s time for you to move on.” Roman justs looks down in disgust, shakes his head and makes his way out of the ring. Before Roman gets though the ropes, Paul Heyman raises the microphone, and says “However…….”. Roman slowly turns back into the ring “…I have a little something for you, that may peak your interest.” Roman sneers. Paul smiles, raises the mic again, and smiles at Paige, “Seeing as you no longer are part of the RAW roster, I have a job opportunity for you. In my hand, I hold a piece of paper, that will benefit your future. This is a contract, to become a member of the Smackdown roster.” Roman perks up. “But there is one slight catch. You, Roman Reigns, would have to become a client of Paul Heyman. You, Roman Reigns, would have to become….a Heyman guy. You, Roman Reigns, would have to become, every……thing……you…….hate.” Roman stands in the ring, shaking his head no. Paul moves closer to Roman, “You might even get a match… SummerSlam.” Paul than raises his hands, and whispers something in Roman’s ear. Roman looks at Heyman in shock and asks him if he’s serious. Paul smiles, shrugs his shoulders, and extends his hand in friendship.

Roman is looking out into the crowd, some chanting his name, but the boos are getting louder and a NO chant begins. Roman gets on the mic, and simply states, “If you can’t beat him, join em.” and reaches out to shake Paul’s hand. (Crowd loses their damn mind.) Both smile at each other, and Paul says, “Let me get you a pen.” Paul hands the pen and contract to Roman, and Roman becomes an official part of the Smackdown roster, while the whole arena keeps booing Roman. Paul grabs the contract, walks over to Paige, and says “I did my part of the deal, now it’s your turn.”

Now Paige grabs the mic, head hung low, and takes a deep breath. “Sometimes in life, you try to make the best business decisions. I wanted the opportunity to give people a second chance, like Shane did when I retired. When I heard Roman was fired from RAW, I wanted the opportunity to bring him here. But I couldn’t reach him. No one could. Then I received a call from Paul, saying he could get him here to Smackdown, but it comes with a price. I agreed, because it was a pipe dream, and didn’t think Roman would come tonight. But he did, and now he’s a part of Smackdown, for which I am grateful. So to fulfill my part of the deal, at SummerSlam, Roman Reigns will face AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight title.” Crowd boooos and chants “You Suck” towards the ring.

Take a guess what happens at SummerSlam…..